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Imagine You Can Make a Difference


Imagine, a girl who wants to help her family after her father dies suddenly. She leaves her home, looking for work. A man promises her a job, and she excitedly runs home to share the news with her family.

When she returns to work, she is shown a training video and given a shot to relax her. This drug alters her defenses, leaving her powerless to the line of men, waiting to purchase her for an hour.

She loses track of time, as days and weeks turn into months. This young girl doing grown up things against her will almost loses herself completely.

That is, until an organization like Love 146, frees her and offers her a safe place to heal. Here, she finds her way back to her self, her family, and her community.

Stories That Move Us To Action

Does this girl’s story move you? This nameless girl is not the only one sold into slavery. Love 146 reports:

“Two children are sold every minute.”

“Over 1.2 million children are trafficked annually.”

Love 146 responds to child sex trafficking

With this many children impacted by sex slavery, it is easy to assume we can’t make a difference in such a huge problem. But, we can. Any contribution we make multiplies when combined with others’ gifts.

Your Gift Multiplies to Make a Difference

I began my journey as an abolitionist from a distance a few years ago. I started by making a monthly monetary gift to Love 146, an organization who protects, defends, restores, and empowers children sold into sex trafficking.

I am a hands-on person, so I was starting to doubt that my monthly contributions were making a difference. Then, I received an email newsletter from Marilyn de Gueney of Love 146 Communications Team. She shared how gifts multiply to help create:

  • “The building of ten wells along the border of Thailand and Cambodia that prevents children from being trafficking on their journey for water.”
  • “The construction of three homes for survivors transitioning out of the care of a safe home in Thailand.”
  • “A safe home built just for girls under 12 in Thailand, a therapy room floating on a river at a safe home in Cambodia, and on and on…”

I may not know which of these projects my gift impacts. But, I know that it is making a difference in a child’s freedom, education, therapy, and health.

Women Turning a Ripple Into a Wave of Kindness

If you are moved to action but unsure where to start, check out the research and programs that Love 146 develops and supports. And, read how everyday women are pursuing a passion to make a difference in the world:

These woman don’t know it, but they inspire me with their waves of kindness. They inspire me to keep making ripples in the problems I feel drawn to smash.

I imagine doing my part to be an equalizer in this world. I strive to be a tough match to those who are committing crimes against humanity. Join me in taking small steps to make meaningful change in our world.

“Throw a pebble in the water and make a wave. A simple act of kindness can stir the widest ocean.” Demi Lovato, from Make a Wave

Imagine a world where each of us is making waves in an area we feel passionate and called to make a difference!


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