Anxiety E-Book

Show Your Worry Who’s In Charge.

Take Charge of Worry by Marci Payne

Learn how with Take Charge of Your Worry:
More Than 10 Ways to Manage Anxiety Naturally

  • 33 pages of powerfully peaceful hope
  • simple actions and steps to interrupt worry

Does worry and anxiety get in the way of you
living in the moment and enjoying your life?

Does your mind spin in circles with what-ifs?

Do you have a hard time relaxing and letting go
of built up tension?

Have you given up hope that you will be able to
tell your worry where to go?

It is possible to learn to interrupt worry that spins out of control. You can learn new habits and ways of thinking that prevent you from dwelling on worries.

In this e-book, you will learn over 10 ways to manage anxiety without medication:

  • What you can do to relieve tension
  • What you can say to interrupt worry
  • How to recognize sneaky worry
  • How to adapt the strategies and find what works best for you (2 printable worksheets)

You can’t eliminate all worry, but you can show your worry that you are in charge. You will find:

  • Your confidence boosts
  • You invite joy and peace
  • You release tension
  • You prevent your worry from creating more symptoms and relationship problems

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Book Reviews and Testimonials:
“I’ve just read Marci’s e-book on taking charge of worry.  I tend to think of myself as someone who doesn’t worry all that much.  The truth is – I’m just good at putting up a face of ease and calm, even when that worry is there with me.  So, reading these words by Marci – it brings me back to what works – for me: creating ways in my life to ease that worry (and not just pretending it’s not there).  In fact, as I read her words, it’s like a sense of calm is settling it…and that’s a great feeling!” ~Lance Ekum, Writer, Jungle of Life                                                                                                                               
“As a worrier myself, I thought I’d already tried all the tricks to manage my anxiety. I was wrong. This book showed me some simple methods I’ve missed. Thank you, Marci! You’ve created a beautiful resource that offers peace of mind to those that thought it was impossible.” ~Melissa Gorzelanczyk, Writer, Peace and Projects       

“Candid, personal, and light-hearted, Take Charge of Your Worry focuses on practical methods anyone can put to use immediately. Worry – what doctors call “anxiety” – can be a paralyzing, defeating experience. Marci avoids analytical psychology and the neurochemical approach to anxiety in her eBook. Instead, Take Charge of Your Worry gets right down to answering the question, ‘What can I do to overcome worry today?’” ~Matthew Camp, Creative Administration

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