Do your emotions or relationships ever control you more than you want them to? If we are honest, most of us feel like our happiness depends on getting situations or others to change.

It’s when we realize that we can be in better control of our emotions that we find more peace in life and relationships. I believe fear and isolation play a part in most people’s struggles. And I want to be apart of helping others feel empowered and connected, because people have more choices than they can currently see.

“To fear is one thing.  To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.” ~ Katherine Paterson

What if you had a choice between letting your fear or your goals be in charge? And what if you could be both better connected and more confident? You don’t have to lose yourself to have deeper relationships.

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” ~ Elisabeth Foley

Liberating Choices is a blog about turning challenges into opportunities for personal growth, so we can be happier, calmer, and better connected. Learning how to live without losing your confidence, numbing yourself, or cutting off from others is the key to maintaining emotional and relational wellness.

Wouldn’t you like to have more personal and deeper relationships without sacrificing your happiness? It can be hard to see the choices that you have when you keep trying the same thing and expecting something different. Sometimes working with a coach is just the catalyst you need to find the choices that can liberate you.



About The Author

My name is Marci Payne, and I am passionate about learning how people function, change, and grow in their relationships. I write from my life experience and work as an individual and marriage counselor,

I know what it’s like to balance work, family, and self-care. I have my own business in Kansas City, Missouri and know I can only coach you as far as I can walk myself. Like everyone, I stumble from time to time. With the insights I’ve learned, I regain my footing by conquering fears, speaking up, and letting go of my need to be perfect and blame others.

You will read stories about what I’ve learned about parenting and marriage through making my own mistakes as a wife and mother. When I’m not coaching or learning from my mistakes, I also enjoy reading, yoga, music, nature, and photography.

My Invitation to You

Please subscribe via email to receive regular personal and relational growth tips. Email subscribers will also receive a link to download two FREE e-books: “15 Questions to Increase Emotional Intimacy: Journal for Self Discovery” and  “Take Charge of Your Worry: More Than 10 Ways to Manage Anxiety Naturally.”

I want this to be a place to exchange ideas about growing confidence, contentment, and connections, so please introduce yourself in the comments. I look forward to learning from you as much as you learn from me.

If you have questions or problems you would like me to write about, contact me here or find me on Twitter or Facebook.

“To read is to empower. To empower is to write. To write is to influence. To influence is to change. To change is to live.” – Jane Evershed

2 responses to “About

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  2. Sounds good “coach.” Makes me want to sign up! Might also add a quote to those you have listed. “But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.” II Tim 1:7

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